Signed Warning Film Statement

All student-athletes' parent/guardian must view the current year warning film and sign this form stating they have a full understanding of the dangers involved in participating athletics.

Report Card from the Previous Semester

Each participant must pass five (5) out of six (6) subjects the semester previous to the proposed semester of participation for the 2022-2023 calendar year. Each subject must be passed with a minimum grade of 70. Transfer students from out of county may not have more than one (1) failing grade and be eligible to participate. The connections grades of the previous semester will be averaged as one of the subjects. Each school is to send an eligibility form to the commissioner prior to the first contest for a sport.


Students who wish to participate in the various athletics offered at any Coweta County Middle School need to have the correct paperwork completed and turned in to the appropriate coach prior to any practice or tryout. Paperwork consists of: parent authorization, release form, training room consent form, physical, heat warning advisory, and athletics warning film form. Parents need to view the athletics warning film with their child before signing.

Signed Coweta County Middle School Student Athlete Contract

All student athletes and their parents must sign this form stating they have full understanding of the guidelines set forth in the Coweta County Middle School Student Athlete Participation Guidelines.